Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Journey Out of Darkness: New Walk Mueseum's Collection of German Expressionist Art

This exhibtion was quite an intriguing insight to the development of Expressionist Art, and there was some fine examples within the collection.

Germany isn't not a country I associate with that harbours great artists... like Italy had Da Vinci, Spain can boast Dali and Picasso, Monet hailing from France and even Britain had likes of Francis Bacon. It's just not a nation thats strikes me as been famous for any particular artist and doesn't really have a cult figure that I'm aware of. However I was shocked to find out that Expressionism was a cultural movement that originated Germany. This exhibition was valuable to me because it gave me a different outlook of Expressionist art.

Before this exhibition if someone said what do you know about expressism? My answer would have been.... The Scream by Edvard Munch and be able to describe that particular painting in quite lengthy detail and been a yorkshireman maybe namedrop David Hockney. This makes me seem incredibly niave of me not to study the subject further just it isn't something that necessary appeals directly to me. However, now I have a much more solid understanding of how expressionism works and these work i saw distorted reality for an emotional effect.

There was one standout piece that grabbed me was Lyonel Feininger's, Behind the church. The use of light was actually quite phenomonal and the painting itself almost looked like a form of cubism. The entire series of Max Liebermann's work was not only distinctive but also very easy on the eye an aesthetically pleasing and I think he was the greatest exponent of German Impressionism with both his paintings and etchings.

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