Sunday, 22 November 2009

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Xbox 360) - Game Review

This is my Game Review presentation in a textual format...


Kane and Lynch: Dead Men is the latest release from the team most famous for the stealthy Hitman series; IO Interactive, this game is quite the opposite as you are taking an overtly ruthless approach while leading two characters into a dark gritty drama full of revenge and redemption.

The game gets its name from its main characters; Kane a stubborn mercenary and Lynch a medicated physcopath. Neither of which you would like to assume the role of or be around, this can be seen the major error with the games story line, as you can’t relate or sympthasise with these repulsive, terrible, execrable, people who brutalise an array innocent human beings.

The offline co-op is the games major selling point and allows you to have some fun with a friend, but where is the online co-op? Another thing that stands out is the variation of the locations, ranging from a Tokyo Nightclub to an urban jungle. The voice acting in the cut scenes and within gameplay is also worth mentioning as it seems a class above the rest of the game.

The third-person squad based shooter has a well constructed plot however the game doesn’t run as smoothly as it should and proves to have many flaws. It has a clunky cover system, feebleminded AI, as well as terrible graphics and human animations.

I have given the game a score of 6.5/10, the potential was there to have a phenomenal game but it just wasn’t give the treatment and cinematics it deserved.

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